labour law and AND DATA PROTECTION

Legal advice in the fields of labour law, data protection and privacy rights is one of our passions.


It is a pleasure for us to answer questions with respect to the designing of marketing materials. Our clients trust in our advice in case they have doubts whether an advertising claim or slogan is permissible, when creating sweepstakes or contests, with regard to the use of test results, poll ratings or statistics.


Our experienced lawyers of course also assist in case “countermeasures” are required against unfair commercial practices of competitors. Quick reactions to unfair methods help to avoid considerable material and possible immaterial damages. In case a client becomes a victim of unfair commercial practices in a public manner, we help to obtain judicial relief and public rectification.


Data Protection law also plays an increasingly important role. Correct use of personal data is extremely important in order to avoid legal actions of competitors and associated high costs or administrative penalties. Against the background of evermore rigorous legislation, in particular at European level, enterprises require routinely assessment of their compliance with data protection provisions.


Principal areas of expertise:

  • Assessing advertising measures
  • Legal advice on internet and domain law (e.g. observance of information duties, E-Commerce and conclusion of contracts over the internet, data protection, copyright in website content, general terms and conditions, assessing websites with respect to possible liability risks)
  • Advice in connection with inadmissible taking-over of pieces of workmanship (e.g. theft of trade secrets, exploitation of product developments)
  • Litigation, filing of complaints and applications for preliminary injunctions
  • Assessing notification duties and consent requirements with respect to the use of personal data and the operation of data applications, drafting declarations of consent as required under Austrian data protection and telecommunications law
  • Legal advice with respect to national or international transfers of personal data, outsourcing of personal data
  • Advice and representation in commercial and corporate criminal law