IT, Social Media AND Conventional Media

Our law firm has a strong focus on IT and Media Law. Our experienced lawyers have been advising renowned multinational company groups, major Austrian companies as well as small and medium enterprises in these fields of law for years. Recognizing the train of time, our legal advice is of course not limited to classical “conventional media”. In line with their increasing importance, social media form a substantial part of our services.

Principal areas of expertise:

  • General Media Law (Austrian Media Act), in particular with respect to online publications
  • Compliance with imprint and disclosure provisions
  • Legal advice in e-commerce matters
  • Media Criminal Law, complaints and applications under Austrian media law, rectifications
  • Drafting and reviewing of publishing contracts
  • Enforcement and protection of general personal rights
  • Media related Data Protection Law
  • Internet and Domain Law
  • Copyright compliance
  • Legal advice regarding the conclusion of contracts over the internet, general terms and conditions for websites and online shops
  • Cookies und Links
  • Legal support in connection with website launches
  • Audiovisual Media Services Law